Q: What are the normal hours of operation of Mannequins Now?

A: Mannequins Now's normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time.

Q: Does Mannequins Now sell used mannequins as well as new mannequins?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Mannequins Now has a large number of used items that we will obtain. Visit our online mannequin store to browse through our inventory.

Q: Do you sell mannequins nationwide or just locally?

A: Both! Mannequins Now is based in Las Vegas, but we can facilitate your mannequin needs nationwide. All you need is a computer and a credit or debit card!

Q: I am looking for a particular mannequin that is not on your Mannequins Now website, what can I do?

A: CONTACT US. Due to the large amount of mannequin inventory available, we are unable to keep our mannequin store website updated on a daily basis. Please let us know what type of mannequin you are looking for and we should be able to find it for you.

Q: Do you sell any other items besides mannequins?

A: YES. Mannequins Now also provides steamers, hangers, rolling racks and so much more. Visit our online store today to see what is available right now!

Q: Do you offer monthly mannequin specials that may not be on your site?

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Q: Do you rent mannequins for trade shows or special events?

A: NO.
Mannequins Now was designed for purchases only, however contact Las Vegas Mannequins for all your rental needs.

Q: I have a few broken mannequins I want to liquidate. Can you liquidate them for me?

A: Contact Las Vegas Mannequins! Mannequins Now works with Las Vegas Mannequins for mannequin liquidation. Las Vegas Mannequins believes in "Going Green” and provides recycling services for broken or unwanted mannequins and will pick them up free of charge.

Q: Do you sell mannequins in bulk orders at a discount?

A: YES, however we do not offer these services at this time on our Mannequins Now website. Please contact us with your order and we will facilitate and estimate for you.

Q: Do you offer mannequin wigs?

A: NO, however we are in partnership with Las Vegas Wigs which is an online wig store. Las Vegas Wigs sells synthetic wigs, real hair wigs, long wigs, medium wigs, short wigs, and costume wigs in all colors and styles. Please click here to visit their site:

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